The Social Procurement Framework

The Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework is a game-changing policy that ensures Government continues to use its purchasing power to embed social, economic and environmental outcomes through every dollar that it spends.

What is the Social Procurement Framework?

This game-changing policy ensures that every Victorian Government project procures goods or services that provides sustainable employment opportunities for jobseekers and creates economic, social and environmental value

With record investment in infrastructure and construction, businesses have the chance to grow, more jobseekers have the opportunity to find secure, stable work, and communities can thrive.


It also gives Victoria a once-in-a-generation chance to build back better in the wake of the pandemic and make socially inclusive employment work for everyone.

There are ten core objectives at the heart of the Social Procurement Framework:

Opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people

Opportunities for Victorians with disability

Women’s equality and safety

Opportunities for disadvantaged Victorians

Supporting safe and fair workplaces

Sustainable Victorian social enterprise & Aboriginal business sectors

Sustainable Victorian regions


Environmentally sustainable outputs

Environmentally sustainable business practices

Implementation of the Climate Change Policy objectives

  • Purchasing from Victorian Aboriginal Businesses

  • Employment of Victorian Aboriginal people by suppliers to the Victorian Government


  • Purchasing from Victorian social enterprises and Australian Disability Enterprises

  • Employment of Victorians with disability by suppliers to the Victorian Government


  • Adoption of family violence leave by Victorian Government Suppliers

  • Gender equality within Victorian Government suppliers

  • Purchasing from Victorian social enterprises

  • Job readiness and employment for: long term unemployed; disengaged youth; single parents; migrants and refugees; and workers in transition

  • Purchasing from suppliers that comply with industrial relations laws and promote secure employment

  • Purchasing from Victorian social enterprises and Aboriginal businesses


  • Job readiness and employment for people in regions of entrenched disadvantage


  • Project-specific requirements to use sustainable resources and to manage waste and pollution

  • Use of recycled content in construction

  • Adoption of sustainable business practices by suppliers to the Victorian Government

  • Project specific requirements to minimise greenhouse gas emissions

  • Procurement of outputs that are resilient against the impacts of climate change

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