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Research - benefits of social inclusion

The Economic Benefits of Improving Social Inclusion - Deloitte

Diversity Dividend Report - Deloitte

The Economic Benefits of Closing the Gap in Indigenous Employment Outcomes - Deloitte

Waiter, is that Inclusion in my Soup? - Deloitte

The Road to Inclusion - Deloitte

Delivering Through Diversity - McKinsey

The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution - Deloitte

Engaging Business in Refugee Employment - University of Sydney

Game-changers: Economic reform priorities for Australia - Grattan Institute

Why Less Inequality Benefits All - OECD

Mapping Social Cohesion - Scanlon Institute

Intergenerational Disadvantage: Learning about Equal Opportunity from Social Assistance Receipt - Melbourne Institute

Some useful links

Social Procurement Framework Resources - Victorian Government 

Social Procurement Framework Annual Reports - Victorian Government

Inclusion at Work Index - Diversity Council of Australia

VCOSS Poverty Map 


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