This year's budget invests in recovery for all Victorians

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Last week's budget announcement from the Victorian Government places sustainable jobs at the forefront of our state’s recovery.

Over the past months, it’s been clearer than ever that stable, secure work is crucial to the wellbeing of Victorian families and communities, and JobsBank welcomes the significant investment that has been made to connect jobseekers to their next job - particularly for women, young people and older people most impacted by this pandemic.

Central to the Government's Budget is a Jobs Plan, which sets an ambitious goal to create 400,000 jobs by 2025 – half of them by 2022, supported by a record $619 million investment in Jobs for Victoria.

We particularly welcome the $15 million investment in JobsBank – this funding will support our work with employers, promoting the benefits of socially inclusive employment and allow us to advocate for greater understanding of and engagement with the Social Procurement Framework.

Matching workers to employers, helping jobseekers to thrive in new roles, and strengthening the potential of the Social Procurement Framework’s significant potential are at the heart of JobsBank’s purpose, and we look forward to working with the Victorian Government as it invests in our communities.

For our state to recover as a stronger and fairer place to live and work, economic recovery must be underpinned by a social recovery, and by making sure that no one, regardless of background or barriers, is left behind.

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