Social Inclusion Week

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Social Inclusion Week is here!

Since 2009, Australia has marked this time which aims to strengthen relationships and communities, and address isolation and exclusion – something we’re passionate about at JobsBank, where we aim to make sure that everyone, regardless of background or barriers, can access stable, secure employment.

And while our state turns to economic and social recovery, it’s a great time to recognise the potential of social procurement to inclusion. New research, The Promise of Social Procurement, from the Parliamentary Library and Information Services in collaboration with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and Outlook Vic, highlights the potential of social procurement in Australia to create significant social value, including through the employment of jobseekers experiencing disadvantage.

Creating jobs for those who face barriers to employment is one of the most effective ways to reduce isolation, increase self-esteem, and give everyone the chance to contribute to their community. Inclusive workplaces are also more creative, productive, and happier – so it’s win-win!

Read the research here.

And for more on Social Inclusion Week and how you can get involved:

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