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JobsBank is partnering with the Victorian Government during the pandemic to deliver Working for Victoria. for more information or to get involved, please visit: 

our strategy

In partnership with employers, government and the community sector, we have developed three key areas where we will focus to deliver our mission.


Remove systemic barriers that exclude priority jobseekers from secure employment 


Change public discourse on excluded groups and break down negative stereotypes 


Make employing priority jobseekers work for Victorian businesses




Change attitudes

Sustainable solutions

our design approach

We are a small organisation that has to be smart about where we invest our effort. We have co-designed our strategy to ensure we know where to start. As a learning organisation we will continuously monitor our impact and seek frequent feedback from our customers, donors and partners.

We have a lean start-up mindset and an unwavering focus on the experience we strive to deliver to employers. Combined, these approaches our services will target need and work.

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