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JobsBank is partnering with the Victorian Government during the pandemic to deliver Working for Victoria. for more information or to get involved, please visit: 

JobsBank is an independent, for-purpose organisation launched in October 2019. We work with business, government and the community sector to generate more employment opportunities for Victorians.

We have built partnership in from the start


Business, government, and community providers have helped shape JobsBank, contributing to the design of our goals and priorities and how they should be delivered.


Watch the video to see how we work together, for better 

Why we exist

Every one of us has the right to a job. A right to the opportunity to provide for ourselves, our families and to feel a sense of valued contribution. 


Victoria is an outstanding place to live and work. Unemployment is low across the state. 


However, it is harder for some people to get a job than others. Our most vulnerable face multiple barriers to getting and keeping a job, even more so in some parts of the state. 


An inclusive society is one where everybody gets a fair go and no one gets left behind, irrespective of who they are and where they live.  


The more people we can help into stable employment, the stronger and more cohesive our society will be. 


An inclusive labour market is good for our community, and good for business. Giving a chance to people on the fringes of the employment market can help employers to tackle skills shortages and have a positive impact on the culture of their organisation and the morale of their staff.     


Many employers are committed to hiring priority jobseekers and have invested in the necessary practices and supports to be able to do so. However, we know that it is difficult to turn good will into sustainable business practice. Navigating the complex landscape of employment and other services

can be hard.  


This is where JobsBank can help. 

Increasing demand for priority jobseekers

JobsBank will partner with employers who are committed to change. We offer insight and support, help to navigate the system and facilitate connections to provide the advice and resources required to find the right people and keep them.  


Building on a strong foundation

There is already a great level of support for jobseekers in need of a helping hand. Victoria has nation-leading employment and social procurement policies that serve to generate jobs and give all jobseekers opportunities. Coupled with an abundant pipeline of infrastructure spend, the state has a unique opportunity to support long-term and at-risk jobseekers into work. 

Working together for better

Creating opportunities for those facing significant barriers to employment requires a partnership between business, government and the community sector. JobsBank will be able to support this partnership to work on problems, generate solutions, and then share what we have learnt.


We will celebrate success and recognise those employers who are making a real difference for Victorians.  

our values

Customer focused

We find solutions that work for employers and our partners


We embed curiosity, testing and learning into everything we do


We form strong partnerships and facilitate connections


We seize opportunities that play to our strengths and won't duplicate what is already done well

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