Out For Good

In partnership with major businesses, JobsBank has worked to secure employment for young people across the State. 


We have also provided employers with the tools they need to support young people entering the workforce. 

Out for Good is our first demonstration project. It is focused on improving employment outcomes for young Victorians who face significant and complex barriers to participating in our economy.


Out for Good brings together experienced partners, who are all committed to creating lasting employment opportunities for 50 young people in contact with the justice system.

This exciting venture realises the real-life benefits of the Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework - demonstrating how more Victorians can benefit from Government’s record investment in infrastructure and essential services.  


For more information visit www.outforgood.org.au 

JobsBank is partnering with the Victorian Government during the pandemic to deliver Working for Victoria. for more information or to get involved, please visit: 

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